The best outfit award ceremony "Oscar"

Red carpet in front of a cinema Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles for a few hours riveted the world's attention. Future heroes of "Oscar-2015" and "simple" guests gathered to sum up the year major cinematic!
List of nominees for the "Oscar-2015" has guaranteed more than star of the red carpet, and we did not have to be disappointed. In place of the heroes of the past year in the face of Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lawrence and Sandra Bullock arrived Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne, Emma Stone and Felicity Jones, Rosamund Pike and Julianne Moore. All of them appeared before the theater Dolby Theatre, before you proceed to the room to write his name in the history of cinema or to settle for the title of "nominee for" Oscar ".


TRAVEL DIARY: Καλαμπάκα (Kalambaka)

Hello dear readers! The last TRAVEL DIARY from my Greece trip and it ends with incredible beauty city Kalambaka! We arrived there in the evening and was a little bit foggy.Night lights illuminate the mountains and at one point I looked and was shocked by such beauty!!!
We walked along this small and cozy town, had dinner, bought souvenirs and went back to the hotel, waiting for the morning and guided tour! 
During an excursion since morning was very foggy.The fog lifted, and became even more beautiful! All the way, I did not let the camera from his hands and tried to make the perfect shot! Of rock monasteries I was delighted, it was really interesting to see how people live there! In the second monastery is not so easy to climb you need to overcome two thousand steps if I am not mistake, we made it and were on the highest point of the mountain!
Now I'll show you my pictures but it is only a small part of the beauty that is there!:)


checkered shirt

Good day dear readers! How are you?;) I just recovered from my illness because of I could not update the blog I apologize for that!
On the street is spring but the day when we were shooting post suddenly it began to snow and you can see it on the photo! I think it gave them a bit of fabulousness! What do you think about it?;)
When we did post almost at the end a very nice cat has come to us, you can see some pics with this cutie in the end of the post!;)
Lately I have become very often wear a shirt on my hips. I think it is very comfortable at any time when it gets cold you can throw a shirt over also it is just a great accessory!!!;)
Yesterday I was at the premiere of 50 shades of gray, maybe someone of you have seen in my instagram( you can find my Instagram HERE ). 


Men's Fashion Week in Milan F/W 2015: street style.

The main events of yesterday in Milan was the show Fendi, Etro and, of course, Gucci. The first collection, presented the fashion house after the departure of Frida Giannini, surprised many: the fact that the brand offers customers Alessandro Michele, is radically different from the previous 10 years in the history of the Italian brand. However, while on the catwalks of Milan heard by a mini-revolution in the streets all is quiet - the brightest riser from the pack heroes street style was Caroline Issa pantsuit juicy color fuchsia. The others still hold classical and calm autumn colors and a whole show a remarkable fashion for heroes chronicles restraint.



Hello dear readers! Right now I'll show you pics from great city and capital of Greece of course Athens! Watching great views Athens my heart skip a beat!
First we visit Acropolis Museum wich was really great!It was really e interesting to study the history of Greece! 
After this we have a stroll in Dionysiou Areopagitou where was perfect views! There we can saw awesome view to the Parthenon wich was next place I visited in Athens!
As I said later next place a visited was Parthenon wich surprised me and I was very pleased! It was big pleasure for me be in this historical place!
I will definitely come to Athens again but it will not look tourist spots and try to explore the city for better!!!


school boy

Hello dear readers! I'm sorry for the lack of post! Finally all exams are done and I have some time to write and post pics in blog! Soon I'll have vacation!;)
In this post I have sloppy style, I like to wear elegant shirts with jeans and sneakers!
I think it looks very cool!;)