Hello dear readers! Summer is over but we can still revise the old photos including those from instagram! Now I will show you the best pictures of the summer that I exhibited in instagram!:)
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warm september

Hello dear readers! How are you? As you can see leavs start to fall from trees but weather says the opposite! I think it's awesome. And this weekend I took advantage of the great weather! As you can see I wear shirts and tee absolutly summer outfit! Yes outsude was really hot!;)


light brown pants

Hello dear readers! How are you doing in school, university? 
This year I am studying in the final year of school and will be really hard, especially the final exams! But in addition to persistent study, I will try to do all the blog posts regular.
Autumn has not come true and I'm already in its colors!:D 
Have really good school year!


LACOSTE Spring-Summer FWNY15

Lacoste, as one would expect, continue to explore the sports theme. And alone shirts with numbers, like athletes, business, fortunately, did not stop there. They are, however, also can not escape, but even such a trivial thing is already possible to beat the designer so that he looks like a completely new way. Figures slip from his chest at the hem, crumble into pieces and are sometimes completely unrecognizable - they can easily be taken for counting on the basketball court or even on the freeway. Dresses made ​​in the form of polo and men's jackets, overgrown with lush, although boxy trails and wide bright stripes are broken and bent, transforming even the standard silhouettes beyond recognition.



Hello dear readers! As you can see in my Instagram(Link HERE) I visited a concert of Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda. She represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. I and my photographer Kate have a lot of fun at the concert LOBODA lightet people and her songs sang her songs, even those people who do not know exactly the words!
This was really good evening! Enjoy some pics and videos from the concert!;)



Hello dear readers! Finally I can upload new look for you!;)
When I came from camp I got sick! This awkward feeling when you want to do new pics for blog bu you can't;( But now everything is okay and I can again do new looks for you my dear readers!
Enjoy the last summer days! Unfortunately summer comes to an end!
Maybe August is my fav month of the summer because you enjoy every day and moment, whether already is not warm ,light wind blowing and I think this feeling is awesome!!!



Hello dear readers! How are you?;) Tomorrow I'm going to camp with my friends for a week. 
And unfortunaly I will post again looks after one week!
This post I did at 7 pm weather was great I decide to go with my friend for a walk and we did this awesome pics! What do you think?;)
To walk in this time it is a pleasure! Outside is not so warm and and blowing breeze!
This week in camp I'll try to post pics everyday! Here you can find my INSTAGRAM: terners